The Octopus Project

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

On Sunday night I saw a fabulous band, The Octopus Project, at the Chop Suey in Seattle. They have been described as "ambidextrous equipment failure junk-tronica" which is just a perfect bit poetry.
Their show is a multimedia event and spectacle. I really love that they wear matching outfits, show videos, dress up their speakers like ghosts in addition to playing great music. They have put alot of effort into their show - which I really love in a band. Did I mention how much I just love that?
Live shot taken by Vanessa - see her entire set from the show. Here's another photographer who was there and captured some great images that incorporate the videos and the band in a striking way.

What's more their merch table was amazing! They had this great 3 dimensional lighted display and along with the typical CD's, T-shirts, and buttons they sold plushies made by band member Yvonne and posters with felt elements sewn onto them! All of which is also available at their website. Speaking of poetry, be sure to notice the lovely descriptions for each of the items in their merch section.

Of course, once I found out they were from Austin, Texas it all made perfect sense given that Austin is the Indie DIY Craftacular capitol of the world.

So how do you end an inspiring evening of music and craft? By having your car break down 45 minutes from home and having to call your mom at 2 am in the morning to come and get you. I love my mom.


Anne-Marie said...

Papertart - What's up? I'm missing your funny and insightful posting as of late. Are you doing anything fun or creative that you want to let your loyal fans know about?